Deal with Summer Heat

Here in my third post (!!), I’m going to talk about my favorite way to cool off in the summer heat.

So I’m having a mini preview of summer right now as my area is going through a major heat wave. I mean weather up in the 90’s. And up to 100.

Huh. Reading back, maybe this isn’t all that hot for some people. But the weather here is typically lower. And it spoiled me. So there.
Anywaaays. Whether you’re going through major heat or minor heat, here is my favorite way to deal. 🙂

Ice! In all forms!

picture of ice cubes

Don’t you feel cooler already?

In hot weather, I love ice. Ice is my best friend. We’re like two wheels on a bicecycle. (AHA. . . ha . Oh and I misspelled that on purpose)

If you simply want pure ice, I like ice chips. Ice chips are a little different than ice cubes because they’re thinner and easier to chew. The way I make them is I freeze about a centimeter high layer of water on a flexible tray (like a baking tray). After it freezes, typically 40-60 minutes, I twist the baking tray around to break up the ice chips. Then I can just pick them up and munch away. 🙂

I also put tons of ice in my drinks. Speaking of drinks, fresh coconut juice. MMMH. It is insanely. . .  refreshing! Buy a young coconut and cut it open and plink some ice cubes in and Phew! Major cooloff.
🙂 Afterwards you can also eat the coconut meat which is very healthy!

Also, ICE CREAM. In any flavor. Any flavor at all. Need I say more?

Oh a tip for putting ice in drinks or juices: freeze the juice in an ice cube tray and then use those as ice cubes! Or juice cubes! Do I make sense? This helps solve the problem of ice melting quickly in the hot weather and making the rest of the drink a watery, tasteless shadow of its former frosty glory.
(note that some types of juice freeze into a more sherbet texture rather than solid ice)

And then there’s froyo. ❤ I like to frequent my home away from home, Pinkberry! They have delicious frozen yogurt in a lot of flavors, plus nice and refreshing toppings (think tons of berries and fruits). They also let you try little samples to help you pick a flavor. My personal favorites are mango and chocolate hazelnut.

image of pinkberry froyo

Photo creds to Simon Doggett of Flickr

Last, but definitely not least, are frozen berries. They’re simple to make. Just put some berries in the freezer and enjoy! Remember to cut bigger fruits into mini slices and remove the top from the strawberry. If the berries are too frozen coming out of the freezer, you can let them thaw for ~10 min. They also taste great over yogurt (may I recommend Greek?).

Coconuts and ice cream and froyo? I make myself hungry.

Alright now, be cool! Stay frosty! Chill out!




Get Softer Hair!

A new favorite product for healthier, softer hair. Completely organic, natural, and vegan. 

Helllooo everyone! This is officially my second post here on my blog! (I’ll stop counting after three posts or so)

So today I want to talk about one of my most recent goals. Or epiphanies. Or something. Anyways. I want nice, healthy hair. Doesn’t everyone? I’ve been finding a lot of split ends lately and it’s just kind of frustrating because I’m also trying to grow my hair out. As a result, I perused the internet for ways of keeping the undamaged parts of my hair undamaged. Here’s what I found:

Cue the holy grail music because SHEA MOISTURE. Shea moisture is my hair’s HG product for softness and moisture . . . and did I say softness? I only showed the Raw Shea Butter line because that is what I’m using the most right now (conditioner and deep treatment masque). But I am planning to buy the Yucca and Baobab thickening treatment in (ANOTHER) attempt to lift my flat hair. More on that later.

The reason I love Shea Moisture is that it uses only all-natural, organic ingredients. This means no silicones, which was definitely one of my goals for a new hair care regimen. While silicones do provide an instantaneous appearance of healthy and shiny hair, they don’t do your hair any good in the long term. Shea Moisture products are choc-full of beneficial oils and butters that give your hair lots and lots of love. ❤

So far, I’ve tried the conditioner and deep treatment masque. Let me just say that the deep treatment masque is amazing. I usually leave it in my hair 30-40 minutes before I wash it out in the shower. I don’t feel the immediate smoothness rinsing it out I used to feel when using silicone products, but after blow-drying my hair (which is actually BETTER than airdrying O: ) my hair feels soo much softer. And it smells nice. I would use this product every time I washed my hair, but I usually don’t have time to put it in, so I bought the conditioner.

I use the conditioner much the same way, except I only leave it on for about 3 minutes or so. I massage it in my hair in the shower, then wash my face and body and rinse out the conditioner. The effects aren’t as dramatic as the masque, I’d say, but I feel better knowing the ingredients are good. 🙂

Oh yeah! I also use the deep treatment masque as a leave-in for my lower-shaft hair and ends. I simply dab a small amount on my hair and rub it in, and it feels so soft!

The only drawback I can think of is that the smell may not be for everyone. While I personally think it smells great, I have seen quite a few reviews complaining about the smell. But the payout is definitely worth it.

Love, love, love. 😀


First post!

Hi everyone, this is my first post here on my new wordpress blog! I guess I’ll just detail what I think I’ll be blogging about.

Firstly, the overarching theme. I really love to explore and learn new things. As I learn and try out new things, I hope to write and document it in this blog, hopefully sharing some tips with others as well! I’ve recently seen myself tending towards a healthier lifestyle, which I plan to write about here.

I’ll probably cover topics like fashion, health, fitness, and skincare.

I do live in California (Eh eh? See the pun in my url?? 😀 ) and I am a high school student.

Wellll, that’s it! Thanks to anyone who’s glanced at this, and stick around for more content!